Small Off Grid Cabin DIY Solar Kit | Sol-Ark 5k-1P-N and SnapNRack Roof Mount

DIY solar for a small off grid cabin/retreat with this comprehensive kit. We provide the materials and technical support, you install! Please read description below for more details.

If you are unsure if this kit is right for you,  Begin your consultation today to design a system fit for your needs.

If you have ANY questions about this DIY kit please contact us before you purchase.


Rapid shutdown is an NEC requirement (NEC 2020 690.12) for permitting a roof mounted solar array.


Small Off Grid Cabin DIY Solar Kit

Do you have a small off grid cabin or retreat that you’d like to run with solar power? This kit is perfect for you! Sized at 5.4kW, this kit is the ideal size for a completely off grid cabin under 800sqft. with fewer electrical loads than an average home. Compatible with 120v loads only.

Solar is easier than ever when you order a DIY Solar Kit through Practical Preppers. Our team will be by your side from the beginning to the very end. Our kits are the most DIY-friendly kits available with the all-in-one, pre-wired Sol-Ark inverters. This small, off grid do-it-yourself solar kit includes the Sol-Ark 5k-1P-N 120 volt inverter, SnapNRack roof mounting hardware, solar panels, batteries, and more with an optional rapid shutdown add on available. Read the full details of what’s included below.


This small off grid kit has a small battery bank, so there will be power interruptions due to prolonged inclement weather. We recommend pairing this system with a Honda 2200 EU Generator in order to avoid power interruptions. Please reach out if you have questions about pairing this kit with a backup power source.

There are many variables that affect your solar requirements. If you are unsure if this kit is right for you, please start your consultation before purchasing and we will make sure you have exactly what you need! While necessary changes can be made after purchase, this kit is non-refundable upon purchase.


How DIY Solar Works

When you order a DIY solar kit through Practical Preppers, you won’t really be on your own. We can provide you with your solar system plan and design, one-line drawings, 3D renderings, permit packages, and much more! We will also take care of shipping and logistics and will make sure you have every piece of solar equipment you need. From start to finish, we will be by your side and remain available for assistance. To get started on your DIY Solar project with us, follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy your DIY. Once you purchase we will follow up with you to get you prepared and to work out logistics like shipping.

Step 2: Receive your materials. Your materials will come in multiple packages/shipments that will require different needs for unloading.

Step 3: Install. We recommend the help of a local electrician to install the electrical components (we can assist you and your electrician along the way).

What’s Included

  • (1) Sol-Ark 5k-1P-N Inverter
  • Solar panels totaling 5.4kW (Due to supply chain shortages, panel wattage and amount will vary depending on availability. This will be discussed upon purchase)
  • SnapNRack roof mounting hardware
  • (2) 5.4kWh HomeGrid Compact’d Series Batteries
  • (2) Pairs of MC4 connectors
  • (1) Pair of Branch connectors
  • (2) Open end spanner sets
  • 100′ PV Wire
  • 10′ assembled 2/0 home run cables
  • PV wire management clips
  • (1) IMO 4 Pole 25 Amp DC Disconnect



Rapid Shutdown Add On:

Rapid shutdown is an NEC code (NEC 2020 690.12) requirement to ensure safety. Most AHJ’s require rapid shutdown equipment in order to permit a roof mounted solar array. If you have any permitting requirements for your system we recommend adding the rapid shutdown option to your order. If you have any questions about permitting requirements or rapid shutdown, please contact us!

DIY Solar Customer Testimonial


I purchased it all (DIY Solar System Equipment) from Scott Hunt, owner of Practical Preppers LLC as a complete package. He provided everything but the concrete and wire (although he did provide all of the project-specific cables for the batteries and panels which greatly simplified the build). Everything was shipped to my home via truck freight and arrived in a very timely manner… If you’re looking for any sort of alternative energy, water, or other such non-typical, self-sufficiency types of projects, I urge to you check them out. There are lots of businesses out there doing these things in what is a hot and growing industry, but going through someone who lives the life, and isn’t just tapping into a lucrative market segment, carries a big weight with me.


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