DIY Solar

The vast savings that DIY solar offers and the rise in DIY-friendly solar technology is turning the dream of self-sufficiency into a reality for many families. But if DIY solar still sounds intimidating to you, you’re not alone. That’s why Practical Preppers® has come up with a method to help solar DIY-ers from start to finish and beyond. We design your system, ship your products, offer permit packages, support you the whole way, and more!

How It Works

Here’s how we’re making DIY Solar easier than ever

We Plan & Design

– Each project begins with a virtual consultation

– We’ll find out exactly what you need and even consider provisions for power, running water, hot water, AC/heating & more using solar

– We’ll design the solar system you need

– We offer 3D renderings of the system in your space

We Prepare, You Install

– We ship all solar equipment to your installation site

– We offer Permit/CAD packages

– We provide drawings, diagrams & manuals

– You install the system

– We recommend hiring a local contractor for electrical work

We Support

– We provide support and advice as you install your system

– We’ll always be here to provide support even after your system is installed!

– Our ongoing support is free, just contact us!

– You’ll always speak directly with a member of our close-knit team. 

DIY With Engineer775

Practical Preppers® founder Scott Hunt (aka Engineer775) walks YouTubers through a DIY solar installation! Maybe your project will be featured next on his popular YouTube channel!

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Scott Hunt

60 Minute Consultation

turnkey solar installations are limited to residents of the southeastern United States

While our schedule is booked for installs through 2021, we are still accepting DIY projects.

If you are requesting an onsite visit, don’t schedule a meeting with Calendly. Email us at [email protected]