Honda EU2000i Propane kit

No cutting or drilling- everything mounted safely inside ready to connect to a standard BBQ tank! – With 6ft hose


Available on backorder


What’s in this kit? Pre-fully-tested propane demand regulator module (no adjustment necessary), Carb adapter fuel nozzle insert, pre-cut internal propane hose, internal grounding strap, replacement carb bolts, gasoline feed & drain caps, labels, quick-disconnect propane tank hose w/dust covers and instructions.

Can I install this myself? There is certainly some assembly required – but you should be able to install this in as little as one to two hours if you have good mechanical skills.

What sets us apart? All GenConneXTM products are made exclusively with stainless steel and coated aluminum components, use all stainless steel self-locking fasteners for vibration resistance, and all pressurized-side gas line components are brass to resist corrosion and fatigue. We also only use existing mounting features so no cutting or drilling is required and everything is pre-set at the factory so no adjustments are necessary. Install, plug in and run!


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