Sol-Ark SmartLoads 14 Smart Panel


Introducing the Sol-Ark SmartLoads 14 Smart Panel!


About the Sol-Ark SmartLoads 14 Smart Panel

The SmartLoads-14 ‘smart panel’ is an AI-driven smart load panel that is designed to be used in conjunction with a home’s existing electrical distribution panel providing fourteen (14) 100A circuits.  The SmartLoads-14 can be used as a standalone energy management system providing control over the fourteen circuits while being responsive to the electrical consumption as well as the homeowner’s needs.

When combined with a solar PV system and Sol-Ark hybrid inverters, the SmartLoads-14 can help optimize both overall performance, as well as a system’s ROI (return on investment) while enabling a new level of visibility and control.  Improving overall energy efficiency and reducing peak demand, the SmartLoads-14 maintains cost savings as a priority by intelligently using all available renewable energy assets to maximize savings.

A smartphone app easily allows real-time user-defined circuit prioritization, scheduling and mode automation, control and optimization of energy usage.

Technical Features:

  • Fast, efficient, and easy installation
  • Redundant power supplies and manual bypass for each circuit
  • Grid-tied and off-grid capable
  • 4ms transfer time
  • Machine learning/AI auto-learning profiles for each circuit
  • User-programmable for discrete control of each circuit
  • Multiple service voltages
  • Scalable solution – can ‘parallel’ up to 15 units
  • NEMA 3R outdoor-rated enclosure
  • Local monitoring via app for user control