ARK 24 V 200Ah LiFeP04 Battery

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To calculate how many pairs of busbars you need, take the number of ARK batteries you will use in your system and subtract one.



In 2017 ARK Battery embarked on a journey to research and develop a solar energy battery solution for off-grid Amish Communities in East Central USA. As a team of off-grid solar system installers, ARK Battery’s founders realized that a dependable, maintenance-free battery was the missing link in making renewable energy systems smooth and reliably autonomous. Little did we know how daunting our task would be!

*Optional busbars can be added to your order using the drop down menu option. The busbars run between batteries for electricity flow. To calculate how many pairs of busbars you need, take the number of ARK batteries you will use in your system and subtract one.


Relationships are priceless at ARK Battery and from the start, we have made it our top priority to network with reputable professionals to help us design and build the best LiFePO4 solar battery. Today’s battery market features many suppliers that source their batteries from a myriad of suppliers on or similar websites and slap on their own logo to form their ‘battery company’. This leads to potential dangers such as a low-amperage BMS

(or no BMS at all), batteries labeled as ‘LiFePO4’, but containing other, less stable lithium chemistries, ‘B’ grade cells, bad connections, undersized cables and insufficient balancing. Poorly constructed batteries are a fire-hazard! More than 1,500 factories and corporations offer lithium-related services, but only a few offer the combination of thorough, technical product knowledge, high quality and integrity. ARK Battery has joined forces with these elitists and designed a high performance battery solution that is suitable for rigorous, off-grid cycling and ensures that our customers receive an outstanding product and performance.


Most of the components in an ARK Battery are manufactured with automated equipment to ensure consistent, high quality. Each individual cell is relentlessly tested for flaws or material deficiencies. This testing process spans 1-2 months before the cells are considered qualified for the market. In assembly-line fashion, cells are laser-welded together. Tightly secured, the BMS, monitoring device and balancer are installed, cabling and fusing are completed and finally, with the closing of the lid and one last round of testing, the battery is ready for many years of hard work.


Our journey has taken us on many highs and lows, across oceans and through the school of hard knocks. We have been ripped off, faced dead ends and discovered many battery components that don’t work. But ultimately, our journey has enabled us to present to the marketplace a premium, long-lasting and powerful LiFePO4 lithium battery. We do not consider our journey complete and we hope that our next stop will be at your doorstep to present Legendary Power for your energy storage needs.



Every ARK Battery is equipped with a special balancing system to ensure that all cells are charged and discharged equally. This serves the same purpose as ‘equalizing’ does for a lead-acid battery. While LiFePO4 batteries may not be equalized externally, it is critical that all cells within maintain the same voltage. An ‘imbalanced’ battery will result in nuisance BMS shut-offs, lower capacity and a drastically reduced cycle life.

Most batteries in today’s market come with a small balancing system known as passive balancing. In passive balancing, a set of resistors begin to dissipate (burn off) power from any cell that has an individual voltage higher than 3.6V. This dissipation typically occurs at 50-100 ma (5% to 10% of 1 amp). We have found this balancing method to be ineffective to meet the stringent requirements of cell balancing. In short, it is too slow as well as inefficient.

Impactive balancing, used in all ARK Batteries channels extra power from high-volt cells to low-volt cells, and deploys additional dissipative consumption should a cell reach critically high voltage.


Dissipates a small amount of power (usually 1/10 Amp or less) when a cell reaches a critically high level.


Transfers current (power) from highest cells to lowest cells to keep all cells equal.



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