COMPACTGROUND G Ground Mount System by Aerocompact

The Aerocompact COMPACTGROUND G is designed for mounting PV modules on open terrain, such as grass, sand, gravel, crushed stone, or even on concrete or asphalt!

The product family impresses with its unique flexibility and ease of installation.

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About the COMPACTGROUND G by Aerocompact:


As one of the fastest to set up ground-mounted systems in the industry and with the ability to load up to 4 MWp into a truck, the COMPACTGROUND G not only provides the best installation times and transport costs, but also a significant price advantage. These distinctive product features make the system particularly suitable for landfill/brown field projects and all system sizes from 5 kWp up to 5 MWp.

  • No need for large machinery
  • Short installation times
  • Low transport costs
  • Several ballasting options
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Solar PTL CERTIFIED to UL 2703
  • Salt spray tested


Ballast blocks can be placed on the brackets without any fasteners.

In addition to ballasting with ballast blocks, the system can be screwed into various soils with our ground screws, without the use of large machinery, and to withstand high wind loads.


Manuals and Downloads:


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