Aquamira Water Treatment (1oz.)

This 1oz. Aquamira chlorine dioxide water treatment is everything you need to treat 30 gallons in the field. Comes in a compact, lightweight kit and works in virtually every situation.



Aquamira Water Treatment (1oz.)

Aquamira Water Treatment is now available in a convenient and economical 1oz. size for treating larger batches of water.  The 2oz. size is perfect for treating stored water in 55 gallon or smaller drums. It is also ideal for treating water in RV storage tanks, animal drinking troughs, on site water storage tanks such as cisterns or camp water systems. Aquamira Water Treatment treats drinking water using chlorine dioxide to kill bacteria, control the build up of slime and improve the taste of stored water. The economical 1oz. size boasts the same long shelf life as our popular 2oz. dropper bottles. Each kit contains everything you need to treat up to 60 gallons of water.

EPA Registered Water Treatment. Don’t be fooled by water treatment products that claim EPA or FDA approval but do not list a valid EPA registration number or active ingredients.  Aquamira Water Treatment (EPA Reg. # 9150-9-717660) is great for emergency water storage, RV storage tanks, treating larger batches of water such as cisterns, carboys and camp water systems. Aquamira Water Treatment Drops will not discolor water and will actually improve the taste of treated water.



Chlorine dioxide, a well established disinfectant is the active ingredient in Aquamira® Water Treatment. Chlorine dioxide is iodine and chlorine free. The unique formula works by releasing nascent oxygen, a highly active form of oxygen, which is a strong oxidant and a powerful germicidal agent. Chlorine dioxide has been used by municipal water treatment plants to kill a variety of waterborne pathogens since the late 1940s. Unlike free chlorine (familiar as household bleach) or other halogen chemicals (such as iodine), chlorine dioxide does not create potentially harmful by-products.

Aquamira’s key benefits are clearly evident when compared to other common portable water treatment chemicals such as iodine or sodium hypochlorite (household bleach). Most importantly, chlorine dioxide is a significantly stronger oxidant, with greater pathogen killing power. Chlorine dioxide does not discolor water, nor does it give water an unpleasant taste. In fact, chlorine dioxide is used to improve the taste of water by neutralizing unpleasant flavors. Aquamira is also very useful as a preservative for stored drinking water.  When used according to instructions, and kept in a sealed container, treated water needs no further treatment for 5 years.  This makes Aquamira Water Treatment the perfect solution for water stored for earthquakes, hurricanes, or other disaster preparedness situations.




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